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Anne of Cleves

Anne of Cleves Dates: conceived September 22, 1515 (?), kicked the bucket July 16, 1557Married Henry VIII of England on January 6, 1540, separated (abrogated) July 9, 1540 Known for: securely separating from Henry and enduring Otherwise called: Anna von Jã ¼lich-Kleve-Berg Lineage: Like every one of the spouses of Henry VIII, just as Henry himself, Anne could guarantee drop from Englands King Edward I. Father: John III the Peaceful, Duke of Cleves (kicked the bucket 1538) (he was a descendent of John the Fearless, Duke of Burgundy)Mother: Maria of Jã ¼lich-BergBrother: William the Rich, Duke of Jã ¼lich-Cleves-BergSister: Sybille, wedded to John Frederick, Elector of Saxony, Champion of the Reformation Anne was, as a little youngster, informally promised to Francis, beneficiary to the Duke of Lorraine. About Anne of Cleves Jane Seymour, Henry VIIIs dearest third spouse, had kicked the bucket. France and the Holy Roman Empire were producing a collusion. In spite of the fact that Jane Seymour had brought forth a child, Henry realized that he required more children to guarantee the progression. His consideration turned towards a little German state, Cleves, which may demonstrate a strong Protestant partner. Henry sent his court painter Hans Holbein to paint the representations of the princesses Anne and Amelia. Henry chose Anne as his next spouse. Not long after the wedding, if not previously, Henry was searching by and by for a separation. He was pulled in to Catherine Howard, the political reason for the match was no longer as solid an inspiration since France and the Holy Roman Empire were does not partner anymore, and he discovered Anne both uncultured and ugly he is said to have called her Mare of Flanders. Anne, completely mindful of Henrys conjugal history, participated in an invalidation, and resigned from court with the title Kings Sister. Henry gave her Hever Castle, where he had charmed Anne Boleyn, as her home. Her position and fortune made her an amazing autonomous lady, however there was little chance to exercise such influence in any open circle. Anne got to know Henrys kids, riding in the crowning ritual of Mary with Elizabeth. Book reference: Anne of Cleves: Fourth Wife of Henry VIII, Mary Saaler, 1995. This book covers Annes years after her separation, as one of the most impressive and well off ladies in the world.The Marrying of Anne of Cleves : Royal Protocol in Early Modern England, Retha Warnike. 2000.The Six Wives of Henry VIII, by Alison Weir, 1993.The Wives of Henry VIII, Antonia Fraser, 1993.Letters of the Queens of England 1100-1547, Anne Crawford, editorial manager, 1997. Incorporates Anne of Cleves.Holbein and the Court of Henry VIII: Drawings and Miniatures from the Royal Library Windsor Castle, Reto Niggl and Jane Roberts, 1997. Religion: Protestant (Lutheran)

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Analysis of the Preindustrial, Industrial, and Postindustrial Societies Essay

There are numerous sorts of social orders, however three of the most predominant sorts are the preindustrial, modern, and postindustrial. The preindustrial society is extremely constrained by its farming core interest. Modern social orders use propels in innovation and large scale manufacturing to help an enormous populace with three unmistakable social classes. In postindustrial social orders the center movements from large scale manufacturing to mechanical development. Preindustrial social orders are essentially rural, and due to this there is little variety of social classes. The creation of products was restricted by the rural idea of these social orders, which allowed for much else. Because of an absence of quick correspondence between networks, the way of life didn’t blend and any mechanical progression was not shared. Farming based social orders were supplanted with mechanical social orders which depended on the utilization of machines to create merchandise. Modern social orders are continually changing gratitude to mechanical advancements, so quick correspondence is fundamental. Individuals began living in urban communities and urban territories, and started maintaining specific sources of income. New clinical innovation and improved day to day environments broadened future. Family turned out to be less significant, and the impact that religion once had begun to lessen. In postindustrial social orders the offer of products is supplanted by administrations as the principle type of monetary movement. Information gets fundamental as advancement drives the economy. The estimation of the industrial specialist decays, as the estimation of talented experts increments. These are the three most across the board kinds of society. The preindustrial society depends on horticulture. Modern social orders use progressions to help an enormous populace with specific specialists. Postindustrial social orders center mechanical advancement to run the economy.

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Music as a Health and Relaxation Aid

Music as a Health and Relaxation Aid Stress Management Management Techniques Relaxation Print Music Relaxation: A Healthy Stress Management Tool Why and How Music Aids Relaxation By Elizabeth Scott, MS twitter Elizabeth Scott, MS, is a wellness coach specializing in stress management and quality of life, and the author of 8 Keys to Stress Management. Learn about our editorial policy Elizabeth Scott, MS Updated on June 24, 2019 Pascal Broze/Getty Images More in Stress Management Management Techniques Relaxation Physical Techniques Time Management Effects on Health Situational Stress Job Stress Household Stress Relationship Stress With all the ways music affects your body, you can probably already clearly see how music can be used as an effective relaxation and stress management tool. In addition to the many physical changes that music can bring (which I list in this article on music and music therapy), music is especially helpful in relaxation and stress management because it can be used in the so many ways.  Here are some of the most important ways that music can help with stress management. Music and Physical Relaxation Music can promote relaxation of tense muscles, enabling you to easily release some of the tension you carry from a stressful day (or week).  When you relax your muscles and loosen your body, your mind also relaxes, which can help you to reduce plenty of tension and stress that you may not have realized you were carrying.  Music is a simple and fun way to let all the tension just drain away. Music as an Aid in Stress Relief Activities Music can help you get ‘into the zone’ when practicing yoga, self-hypnosis or guided imagery, can help you feel energized when exercising, help dissolve the stress when you’re soaking in the tub, and be a helpful part of many other stress relief activities. It can take an effective stress reliever and make it even more effective! Music and a Meditative State As mentioned before, music can help your brain get into a meditative state, which carries wonderful stress relief benefits with it. For those who find meditation intimidating, listening to music can be an easier alternative.  Music is easy for kids to enjoy, too, so while meditation may be challenging to teach to your kids, putting on the right music can be a way to ease them into a more meditative state without their completely realizing it. Music to Promote a Positive Focus Music, especially upbeat tunes, can take your mind off what stresses you, and help you feel more optimistic and positive. This helps release stress and can even help you keep from getting as stressed over life’s little frustrations in the future.  An uplifting song can also bring the benefits of positive affect, which can empower you to notice more opportunities and seize them when you can, which can also help with stress relief.  (And while were on the topic of uplifting music, some happy songs practically force you to dance to them, and this type of exercise can be great for stress management, too!) Music and Affirmations The way you see the world and the type of self-talk you habitually use can also have a profound effect on your stress level, which is why positive affirmations that create more positive self-talk are so helpful. Music that has affirming lyrics can bring the double benefit of music and positive affirmations, helping you to surround yourself with positive energy and more often look on the bright side, letting stressful events more easily roll off your back. These are some of the reasons that music is one of the easiest and most effective relaxation tools available, and music is such a great stress management tool to add to your everyday life.

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The Green Energy Act Of 2009 - 933 Words

Solar Photovoltaic is part of the green energy movement in Canada. In Ontario, there was legislation called the Green Energy Act of 2009. This Act called for the transition from dirty fossil fuels to more clean energy. The province gave incentives for wind, solar and biomass power-generation projects and green construction. It also created a program called feed-in tariff that would reward producers renewable energy a higher rate. (Stastna, How Canada s provinces are tackling greenhouse gas emissions). Ontario also has moved away from dirty coal by closing its last coal-fired generating plant in 2014 and this coal was generating 25% of the power in Ontario. Ontario now generates 2.6GW of power from solar power. (Paul Gipe, Ontario s Solar PV Installations May Surpass California in 2011) Now I would talk about the classification of soil and the reaction of the people to the solar farms in Ontario and the Peterborough County. There are 7 major classification of soil in Ontario. Type 1, 2 are the most valuable type of farmland for food and crops. These are not for wholesale solar farms. The solar farm companies want to build on type 3 or 4 farm soil. As quoted from The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs â€Å"Class 3 soils are still moderately high to high in productivity for a wide range of common field crops. Also Class 4 soils in this class have severe limitations that restrict the choice of crops, or require special conservation practices and veryShow MoreRelatedSpringfield Missouri s Drury University s Ozarks Center For Sustainable Solutions1526 Words   |  7 Pages(NYSE: CVA), a world pioneer in sustainable waste administration and renewable energy, today declared another organization with nine Western Massachusetts regions for packaged sustainable waste management services. Covanta will give feasible waste transfer at the Covanta Springfield Energy from-Waste office, additional to other waster services (Convanta). Covanta is the proprietor/administrator of the Covanta Springfield Energy from-Waste office in Agawam where eight of the nine regions have given theirRead MoreOverview of Sustainable Industry in Malaysia.655 Words   |  3 PagesOverview of Sustainable Industry in Malaysia. The 2014 was a huge success to government which a total 396.61MW of renewable energy approved by the Sustainability Energy Development Authority and its represent a total 466% year-on-year growth. The increase of the renewable energy represent years of planning and execution by relevant authorities to regulate and draft policies that suits Malaysian environment. As sustainable industry and climate change are interrelated, often the regulation and policiesRead MoreWhich Is More Effective at Bringing about Political Change, Political Parties or Social Movements?1462 Words   |  6 Pagesparties are more effective with bringing about change with a focus on green politics. I will look at the structures of a political system that enables Green political parties to gain representation. Often Green political parties start from grassroots social movements, which can make it difficult to separate the influence that they have on policy change from the movement. Traditionally New political par ties, with the exception of Green and new religious parties (Boyeller, 2014), struggle to gain and retainRead MoreThe Importance of Green Technology1717 Words   |  7 PagesThe Importance of Green Technology Bob Smith INF 103 Danika Patrick December 17, 2012 The Importance of Green Technology With the ever changing world we live in, green technology is here for the betterment of our fellow man. The future of our planet is dependent on mankind to produce a safe, clean, and viable resource that does not rely on non renewable resources. The history of green technology, how we currently utilize it, and what we can look forward to in the future acuminate toRead MoreDeveloping And Implement Green Technology1228 Words   |  5 Pagesimplement green technology. There are also several other worries including unforeseeable collapses; Eventually â€Å"all good bubbles burst.† Though there is still a lot to accomplish with green technology it is still considered a fast-growing and aggressive market. One of the biggest issues that green companies face is â€Å"finding enough customers to support the costly infrastructure that they must build first.† This type of issue is considered strange because arguably, support for renewable energy has neverRead MoreHow Techno logy Has Tremendous Positive Spillover Effects On The United States1631 Words   |  7 PagesWith all different forms of green technology, the one that can end up affecting the U.S. the greatest is renewable energy. Long term, renewable energy will cost less, making energy consumption cheaper, and in turn making production increasingly cost effective. With green energy being a cutting-edge technological field, it will take a great deal of innovation and creativity to create superior green products. The United States would benefit greatly from discovering more innovative ways to produce theseRead MoreImpact Of Technology On The United States1191 Words   |  5 Pagesthe last obstacle is technological. With renewable energy and green technology being new, the technology is simply not as efficient as it is required to be (New York Times, Arthur Ochs). Energy means nothing if there remains no long term way to store it, â€Å"Energy is most useful to us when it is concentrated, transp ortable and storable† (Powering Planet Earth, 41). So a larger capacity and longer lasting battery would be greatly beneficial to green technology as well as the outside that market due toRead MoreWhat Makes A Carbon Tax?1347 Words   |  6 Pagesis encouraging investment in clean energy. It is widely agreed that implementing a carbon tax would encourage investors to work towards cleaner fuels, nevertheless, the U.S. remains widely against additional taxes. Finally, the last obstacle is technological. With renewable energy and green technology being new, there are certain barriers that are holding back green technology from being beyond the current level of production (New York Times, Arthur Ochs). Energy means nothing if there remains noRead MoreEssay About Greenwash1287 Words   |  6 Pagespromoting green products and services. As a result, green products as well as greenwashing products, which are labeled as eco-friendly while actually they are not, have inundated the ma rketplace in modern society. However, some companies overstate their environmental claims so that customers have difficulty in distinguishing real eco-friendly products from greenwashing ones. This essay will show the reasons for greenwashing problems and discuss Chevron’s (one of the world’s largest integrated energy companies)Read MoreEnergy and Environment1095 Words   |  5 Pagescompleted M.Tech (Energy Environmental Management) from Kurukshetra University, Haryana, India. I wish to apply for the suitable position (Environment Management Division) in your organization in the thrust area of Environment Management. As a professional of Energy and Environmental Management, I am willing to pursue my career in the same field and hence seeking an opportunity to get a professional position in your esteemed organization. My course scheme is basically dealing in the Energy Conservation

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Elementary School And High School - 1688 Words

Class is defined as a group of people who have a similar level of wealth and income. Even though this ideology is more referred to specific individuals regarding their occupation, education can be considered to follow this same description. There are educational institutions everywhere, one elementary school usually in one part of a neighborhood in your hometown. As these schools grown in number and increase in grade level however, less become established and there tend to be a smaller amount of high schools within a city compared to elementary or middle. This means that for every 4 or 5 neighborhoods there is 1 high school that is responsible for accepting these residents. High schools quickly become established in large district areas,†¦show more content†¦How are low income schools different than higher income schools? This is a concerning issue because if there continues to be a financial difference between educational institutions that affects the quality of schools, th ere will be an entire generation of students that will have received a poor education and have limited opportunities of successfully integrating with society compared to graduates that attained a higher quality education from a higher income school. This decreases social mobility of low income school graduates, continues stratification, and may encourage low income graduates to enact in high risk illegal acts to support themselves and families since they were not properly prepared to be college ready in high school. Low income schools mainly differ from higher income schools through student performance in college preparatory exams and behavioral issues/stigmas. Differences in student performance on college preparatory exams is the first noticeable difference between low income schools and higher income schools. Bryan Station had a larger percentage of students that underperformed and scored a lower average mean ACT composite score compared to Fayette County and Kentucky. The average ACT score of a Bryan Station student is 18.1, compared to the county average of 21.4 and the state average of 19.1 (Startclass, 2016). Compared to Henry Clay, this school had a larger percentage of students that scored a significantlyShow MoreRelatedHigh School Vs. Elementary School1309 Words   |  6 Pagesfoods we put in our bodies and how often we exercise. Starting with the school systems, the government is slowly changing what they allow in the cafeteria and the amount of exercise a child needs to partake in throughout a school day. In Pennsylvania, a physical education class is required from kindergarten to high school. I attended Southern Elementary sch ool in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania, for seven years of elementary school, and once a week we had P.E. class for an hour. There, we had to either playRead MoreHigh School Should Start Later Than Elementary School879 Words   |  4 Pagestimes for high school many students feel sleep deprived and do not achieve their best. Doing so would improve students health. Some individuals feel that keeping the start times at their current time would be best for parents and school districts. However, many people believe that delaying school start times would positively impact students, outweighing the disadvantages. I believe that delaying school start times would be a magnificent idea for many schools. One reason why high school should startRead MoreThe Impact Of Athletics At The High School And Middle School Elementary Level889 Words   |  4 Pageschanges for athletics at the high school and middle school elementary level. Some of the changes were good and justified, but not everyone was accustomed or willing to adapt. As mentioned previously, most notably was the closing and restructuring of two high schools. Creston was closed completely and this caused the district lines to be redrawn. Students wanting to participate in sports that lived in a specific region of Grand Rapids had to play at the high school closest to them. Due to theRead MoreDiscipline in High School and Elementary Education Essay1209 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿ Discipline in High School and Elementary Education Grand Canyon University: SPE-350 January 10, 2014 When it comes to special education, discipline is a major concern in this area because many students are incessantly being expelled for their behavior issues that are caused by their disabilities. With the previous law students were excluded from school and received long suspension time because of their behavioral problems but when the new law was passed in 2004 students thatRead MoreMandatory Schooling From Elementary Through High School1390 Words   |  6 Pagesmandatory schooling from Elementary through to High School. After the thirteen long years of schooling many students then robotically move directly into college, onward on the conveyor belt to graduation and hopefully to a successful job. However many students in Britain, Europe and Australia decide to stray from the well-trodden path and dare to take the bend in the road by taking a gap year. A gap year is a twelve month break from conventional study, between graduating high school and entering collegeRead MoreThe Progr am For Students From Elementary Through High School And Adulthood Essay856 Words   |  4 PagesTitle of Program: Read Naturally Program Description: Read Naturally is a supplemental literacy program for students from elementary through high school and adulthood. The program is designed to improve fluency, accuracy, and comprehension using text, audio CD and/or computer software. (D.O.E. 2013) Read Naturally allows teachers to individualize student instruction by utilizing story reading and repeated reading of text while allowing teachers and students to monitor their own progress. Read NaturallyRead MoreHigh Quality Academic Standards At Ysabel Barnett Elementary School1754 Words   |  8 Pages As a mother of a 2nd grader, in Temecula, California I have noticed that the Art department in public school is basically nonexistent; the curriculum at Ysabel Barnett Elementary school in Temecula relies mostly on the common core curriculum. As explained by the Common Core website, â€Å"is a set of high-quality academic standards in mathematics and English language arts/literacy†. By working with these standards the student ha s specific guidelines of where a student should be at a certain grade. ItRead MoreChildren With Emotional And Behavioral Disorders At High Tide Elementary School Essay1696 Words   |  7 PagesMarcus is an 8-year-old boy currently enrolled in a self-contained classroom for children with emotional and behavioral disorders at High Tide Elementary School. Marcus recently relocated to the area from Colorado after being separated from his parents and is currently residing with his grandparents. He has been diagnosed with traumatic brain disorder due to a head injury as an infant. Currently, when presented with difficult tasks he engages in elopement from the classroom at a rate of 6 timesRead MoreA Guide For Moreno Valley979 Words   |  4 PagesCA Schools: From Elementary Through College Meta Description: Moreno Valley, California is a great place to grow up; the schools in this Southern California town are excellent. Meta Keywords: Moreno Valley schools, Inland Empire schools, Moreno Valley Elementary, Schools in California The Schools in Moreno Valley, California The city of Moreno Valley, in the Inland Empire region of Southern California is served by the Moreno Valley Unified School District and the Val Verde Unified School DistrictRead MoreGraduation Speech : The National Sleep Foundation1681 Words   |  7 Pagesduring the school year. A big component of sleep loss is a direct result of the early start times for high school. Between after school sports, work, and homework the average teen does not make it to bed before 11p.m. Adolescents then proceed to wake up before 6:30 a.m. to make it to school on time leaving them with an insufficient amount of sleep. Many fatigued teenagers then come to school and easily miss out on learning. School officials have presented a variety of solutions to school boards to

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The Three Little College Free Essays

Students Once Upon a time, there were three piglet sisters who decided to take the next step in their life a go to college. After twelve years of grade school the felt that going to college was greatest achievements of all. The three piglets’ names were: Jasmine who was majoring in Nursing, Vanessa who was majoring in Criminal Justice, and Elizabeth who was majoring in Accounting. We will write a custom essay sample on The Three Little College or any similar topic only for you Order Now They all had outstanding grades so there college of choice was ISIS. Before they knew it, they were now known as the USC Trojan! Moving day came along and they were all signed up to live in a dorm together which made the college experience even better. â€Å"Hey Jasmine, did you bring the hair dryer? † Vanessa asked, one’s, sissy I brought the hair dryer and all our other hair supplies, don’t worry. † Jasmine replied. These sisters Just wanted to make sure they had everything†¦. What do you know they made it to their dorm and were ready for their classes to start? Everyone’s’ classes started the next day. As the next day comes to an end the piglets meet In the dorm and tell each other how amazing everyone’s classes are. This is amazing!!!! † Elizabeth shouted. As years go by and the sisters are closer and closer to their graduation date, they each decided that they should move into a small house with some other roommates. A few months go by and they moved into a house with four other people who they have been friends with since the beginning of their c ollege experience. â€Å"Just a few more months left you guys! We can do this! † yelled out one of the roommates, Rebecca. Before they know It they are down to Just a few weeks till graduation. Everyone Is excited but that Is all bout to change. See what they didn’t realize was that the City of Los Angels is known for having severe earthquakes during this time of year. So while all the girls made a visit to the mall†¦ BANTAM!!!!! Out of nowhere a 7. 8 earthquake struck the City of Los Angels! Things were thrown everywhere, people were falling, buildings were falling down to pieces, people were yelling! This earthquake was a very serious one and the coast wasn’t clear until half an hour later! Can you Imagine?! The girls were safe because they made the best choice and found a large sturdy table to take over underneath. The girls were devastated about what happened but they decided to not think about It and Just think about their soon to be graduation. As they headed back home, Jasmine yelled, â€Å"Ahhhhhhh, What happened here! † Their house collapsed from top to bottom, they then realized their house was right above the San Andrea Fault. Jasmine and Rebecca started sobbing, no one knew what to do. Elizabeth starting talking to the girls and said, † Common you guys we can’t let this get to us we are close to graduation we need to be excited not sobbing tears even If our house Is own to pieces, In the mean time we can stay at my Grandmas house. â€Å". â€Å"Ahhhhhhhh!!!! â€Å", â€Å"Wahoo†, ‘Yahoo! † the crowd shouted. The girls were graduating after four long years. The girls, ‘We did It you guys! † 3 PIGS By Jog]tailboard college of choice was USC. Before they knew it, they were now known as the USC the hair dryer? † Vanessa asked, mis s, sissy I brought the hair dryer and all our other comes to an end the piglets meet in the dorm and tell each other how amazing guys! We can do this! † yelled out one of the roommates, Rebecca. Before they know it hey are down to Just a few weeks till graduation. Everyone is excited but that is all one and the coast wasn’t clear until half an hour later! Can you imagine?! The girls to not think about it and Just think about their soon to be graduation. As they headed are close to graduation we need to be excited not sobbing tears even if our house is down to pieces, In the mean time we can stay at my Grandmas house. ,†Ã¢â‚¬ ¦.. â€Å"Ahhhhhhhh!!!! â€Å", â€Å"Wahoo†, Niamey! † the crowd shouted. The girls were graduating after four long years. The girls, â€Å"We did it you guys! † How to cite The Three Little College, Papers

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Rijo Ninan December 4, 1998 Essays - Ancient Greek Philosophers

Rijo Ninan December 4, 1998 Ms. Purcell-Murphy European History Page 1 Two of the greatest philosophers of all time are Plato and Aristotle. They both had their own views on different subjects. One area where they had contrasting views was politics. Plato lived from 427 to 347 B.C. and was Athenian. He started a school called the Academy where he taught his philosophy to other people. He wrote two great books, The Symposium which was a book about love and The Republic which was a book on governments and was composed around 374 B.C. He was a pupil of Socrates and carried on some of his teachings. He also wrote his books in dialogue between Socrates and some other of his followers. Plato's Republic contains almost all his philosophy on politics. "The aim of the Republic is very simple: to discover what justice is, and to show that it is more beneficial, in a certain sense of that word, than its contrary, injustice," (Nicholas White 1979, 13). He goes in depth to first discover the meaning of justice. "Ultimately Plato settles on the idea that justice is the harmony that arises when each person is able to his or her own best talent: the artisan to build, the musician to play, and the ruler to govern," (Greaves, Cannistraro, Zaller, and Murphey 1993, 124). He then goes on to employ this justice in what he calls the Ideal Society. But before he does that, he first defines what makes up a city. "The basis for a state, he says, is the association of people based on need. People aren't self-sufficient, and they have varied needs. We Page 2 get a state when we have a group of people whose self-interest is far-sighted enough for them to specialize and divide their tasks," (Julia Annas 1981, 73). So Plato goes in to the fact that everyone must have one job. They must focus on that job and not any other. For if a person does more than one job, they will do it with less success because they are dividing their attention. By only doing one thing, they are able to work better. So, the farmer will farm, the shoemaker will make shoes, and the blacksmith will forge metal. "This is introduced what I shall call the Principle of Specialization, the idea that one person should do one job," (Julia Annas 1981, 73). Now that Plato had the groundwork done, he goes on to the specifics of the Ideal Society. First, there are rulers. He says that every society must have rulers but the challenge is seeing who will be best fit to rule. "Since the capacity to rule - that is, to perceive justice in its essence and apply it to the social order - is the rarest of talents, the education of the guardian elite is protracted and difficult. Only those who have demonstrated both the necessary philosophical aptitude to grasp and internalize the nature of forms and the practical ability to apply them to affairs may be entrusted with the responsibility of the state," (Greaves, Cannistraro, Zaller, and Murphy 1993, 124-125). The rulers are called the Guardians. But they are split in to two groups. There are the Auxiliaries (epikouroi) who are the warriors and the remaining are the Guardians Elite (phylakes). They are to live as commoners. They must not own any private property and have no dealings with wealth. Page 3 This is so the Guardians do not chase happiness for themselves. Rather that they keep the happiness of the state always first. If they neglect their responsibilities then there is no hope for that state. The Guardians also have the responsibility to keep unity. That means keeping the state in a reasonable size. Growing too large will rip the state apart. They must also not let there be any extremes of poverty or wealth. If one person despises the wealth of another, the state is also doomed. Guardians must also keep the citizens strong and keep them without the want of riches. This will make them better allies than opponents and keep war to a minimum. Then there is the citizens themselves. They have their own responsibilities. They must follow the Principles